Racial Equity and Inclusion

Our partnerships with Christian ministries and social businesses, in Chicago and globally, have taught us about the suffering and marginalization of people groups throughout the world. We recognize that in Chicago, the social problems being addressed in communities of color, are predominately the result of the systemic racial injustice that still exists in America today. For over 400 years our nation has prospered at the expense of African Americans. As a result, structural racism continues to disproportionately segregate communities of color from access to resources and opportunities. We are deeply sorry for remaining silent on these issues and for the unceasing pain and inequality it has caused.

  We are committed to learning more about our country’s history of deep rooted injustice.  We  pledge to increase our support for organizations and ministries founded or run by Black leaders through our grantmaking and private investing. We pray that our efforts will show our love for our African American neighbors and actively contribute to a more equitable society.

Below are some materials we have found to be helpful on this journey.

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