MIGMIR Fund supports Christ centered ministries

that meet the spiritual and physical needs

of individuals in under-resourced communities

in Chicago, East Africa, Central America and SE Asia.


MIGMIR provides grants to Christian ministries with tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) status. Your ministry must align with our mission statement. Unfortunately, we are not able to approve all requests for funding.

As a general rule, MIGMIR does not:

  • Accept unsolicited grant applications
  • Grant to ministries more than one time per calendar year
  • Fund US based projects outside of the Chicago Metropolitan area
  • Support partisan, legislative or political activities.
  • Partner with organizations with negative net assets as reported on the IRS 990 for two consecutive fiscal years.


After receiving an invitation from MIGMIR, the first step in applying for a grant is to complete the grant application online. All supporting materials must be submitted with the grant application. MIGMIR will confirm receipt via email and follow up as necessary with the ministry.

If the proposal is consistent with our mission statement, guiding principles and beliefs, MIGMIR will schedule a follow up meeting to discuss the application.

Final granting decisions are made quarterly by the MIGMIR Board. Applicants will be notified to inform the ministry of their grant status.

MIGMIR appreciates our grant recipients efforts to provide annual reports detailing the impact of the grant project.